Abbreviations and Acronyms

(Updated: February 24, 2024)

Below is a listing of abbreviations and acronyms (pronounceable words made from initials or parts of other words) related to US Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Communications Security (COMSEC). Most of them are from the NSA and the military.

New entries to this listing can be added gradually.

See also the list of NSA Nicknames and Codewords


1EF - One-End Foreign
2P - Second Party Partner
3P - Third Party Partner
4PXFIL - Fourth Party exfiltration ("out-sourcing SIGINT")

AAD - Advanced Analysis Division (unit S2I5 of the NSA)
ABAC - Attribute-Based Access Control
ABCA - American, British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Armies’ Program
ABIS - Automated Biometric Identification System
ABoK - Analytic Body of Knowledge (an NSA web portal since 2011)
ABR - Adaptive Bit Rate (in relation to CLOUD)
ACCM - Alternative Compensatory Control Measure
ACGU - Australia, Canada, Great Britain, United States (4-Eyes)
ACL - Access Control List
ACP - Access Control Point
ACS - ?
ACW - Advanced Conventional Weapons
ADD - Associate Deputy Director
ADN - ? (CIA network)
ADNET - Anti-Drug Network
ADVISE - Analysis, Dissemination, Visualization, Insight, and Semantic Enhancement
AEG - Atomic Event Generator
AES - Advanced Encryption Standard
AFO - Advance Force Operation (in areas still denied for US forces)
AFSC - Afghanistan SIGINT Coalition *
AG - AURORAGOLD (see codewords listing)
AGILA - Advanced Global Intelligence Learning Environment
AH - AIRHANDLER (see codewords listing)
AIN - Agency Identification Number
AIRS - Advanced Intelligence Research Services
AISC - Artificial Intelligence Security Center (part of NSA's Cybersecurity Collaboration Center, since 2023)
AMAG EA - Analytic Modernization Architecture Group Enrichment Authority
AMB - AMBULANT (see Codewords listing)
AMOD - Analytical Modernization
ANO - Advanced Network Operations
ANT - Advanced or Access Network Technology
AST128 - ? (A telephony collection platform)
AOI - Area of Interest
AMGS - Australia Mission Ground Station (RAINFALL; F78)
A&P - Analysis & Production (NSA division)
AP - Arabian Peninsula
APAN - All Partner Access Network
APEX - Active/Passive Exfiltration *
APG - Aerial Precision Geolocation
APSMM - [...] SIGINT Mission Management? (part of NSA's NSOC)
AQAP - Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
AQSL - Al-Qaeda's Senior Leadership
ARC - Analytic Resources Catalog
ARC - Analysis and Research Cell
ARC - Aquisition Resource Center
AROCC - Afghanistan Remote Operations Cryptologic Center
AS - Autonomous System
ASAS - All Source Analysis System
ASDF - Atomic SIGINT Data Format (NSA dataset format) *
ASOC - Alaska Security Operations Center
ASR - Automatic Speech Recognition
A-Space - Analytic Space
AT - Anti-Tamper
ATO - Access Technologies & Operations (part of the TAO division)
AUMF - Authorization to Use Military Force
AUSLO - Australian Liaison Officer (representative at partner agencies)
AUTOSEVOCOM - Automatic Secure Voice Communications Network
AXISS - Agency eXtended Information System Services (NSA contract) *

BAG - "Big Awesome Graph" *
BEI - Biometrics-Enabled Intelligence
BGP - ?
BH - BYZANTINE HADES (see Codewords listing)
BI2R - Biometric Identity Intelligence Resource
BICES - Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation Systems (NATO)
BLOS - Beyond Line-Of-Sight
BLUF - Bottom Line Up Front
BMS - Botnet Management System(?)*
BPoA - Backdoor Point of Access?
BR - Business Records (telephone metadata)
BRF - Business Records FISA (NSA telephone metadata collection)
BRLO - British Liaison Officer (UK representative at partner agencies)
BRS - Bibliographic Retrieval Services (used for the ANCHORY database)
BW - ?

C - Confidential (classification level)
C2C - Computer-to-Computer
C2DP - Cryptanalytic Computer Network Operations Development Program
C4ISR - Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
CA - Cryptanalytic
CAA - Classified Annex Authority (to EO 12333)
CAB - COMSAT Advisory Board
CAE - Center for Academic Excellence (since 1998)
CAIC - Counter-IED Analysis Integration Cell
CAIDA - Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (University of California)
CANEX - Close Access Network Exploitation
CANSLO - Canadian Special Liaison Officer
CANX - Columbia Annex
CAP - Controlled Access Program
CAPCO - Controlled Access Program Coordination Office
CARE - Collaborative Analytics Research Environment (CSEC big-data system trial with NSA launch assist)
CASN - Case Notation
CASport - Corporate Authorization Service *
CAT - Consolidated Authoring Tool (replaced by TALISMAN in 2003)
CAU - Communications Analysis Unit (of the FBI, succeeded TAU in late 2002)
CBB - Common BackBone (AT&T internet backbone)
CBE - Content Based Exploits
CBRN - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear weapons
CCB - ?
CCC - Cybersecurity Collaboration Center (since 2021)
CCCP - Cryptologic Center Concept Partner
CCDF - Cryptologic Common Data Format
CCE - Center for Content Extraction (NSA unit)
CCE - Common Computing Environment
CCEB - Combined Communications-Electronics Board
CCH - Center for Cryptologic History (of the NSA)
CCI - Controlled Cryptographic Item
CCI - Cyber CounterIntelligence
CCM - Combined Cipher Machine (1942-1950s)
CCNE - Counter-CNE
CCO - COMINT Channels Only (retired caveat)
CCP - Consolidated Cryptologic Program (NSA's budget)
CDC - Cleared Defense Contractor
CDCE - Corporate Data Center for Enrichment (NSA unit)
CDIF - Continually Digitized Intermediate Frequency
CDN - Content Delivery Network
CDO - Country Desk Officer (in the Foreign Affairs Directorate of NSA)
CDP - Central Data Processor
CDR - Common Data Receptor
CDR - Call Detail Record
CEA - CCE Extraction Architecture (?)
CEAC - Communications Event Analysis Center (NSA unit)
CED - Combined Emitter Database (ELINT database)
CELLEX - Cellular Exploitation
CENTRIXS - Combined ENTerprise Regional Information eXchange System
CERF - Contact Event Record Format
CES - Cryptanalysis and Exploitation Services (unit S31 of the NSA)
CFBLNet - Combined Federated Battle Laboratories Network
CGG - Combined Group Germany (since 2004: SUSLAG)
CI - Counterintelligence
CI - Cryptologic Insecurity
CIDNE - Combined Information Data Network Exchange
CIDR - ?
CIFC - Combined Intelligence Fusion Cell (joint US-Turkish unit)
CIG - Capabilities Integration Group (covert US Army unit)
CIHS - Counter Intelligence and HUMINT Support (S2D)
CIK - Crypto Ignition Key
CINEMA - CIA Information Needs Management (CIA database)Computer Network Attack
CIPR - Community Integration, Policy and Records (NSA division)
CISA - Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act
CISO - Chief Information Security Officer
CIV - ?
CJSOTF - Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force
CLANSIG - Clandestine Signals (joint NSA/CIA program to intercept radio and phone communications) *
CLPO - ? (NSA unit)
CM - COTTONMOUTH (see Codewords listing)
CMCL - ? (internal NSA phone or mail system numner?)
CMCP - Comprehensive Mission Compliance Program
CMDA - Cloud Metadata Distributed Analytics
CMI - Crypto-Mathematics Institute (est. at NSA in 1957)
CMM - Cryptologic Mission Management
CMS - COMSEC Material System
CMT - Classification Management Tool
CN - Counter-Narcotics
CNA - Computer Network Attack
CNCI - Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative
CND - Computer Network Defense
CNE - Computer Network Exploitation
CNO - Computer Network Operations
CNSS - Committee on National Security Systems
COI - Community of Interest
COIN - Counter-Insurgency
COINS - Community On-line Information System, included RYE/TIPS and SOLIS *
COINTELPRO - Counter Intelligence Program (by the FBI between 1956-1971)
COLISEUM - Community On-Line Intelligence System for End Users and Managers
CoM - Chief of Mission
COMEVAL - COMINT Evaluator (aboard Naval reconnaissance aircraft)
COMINT - Communications Intelligence (also a SCI control system until 2012)
COMSEC - Communications Security
CONOP - Concept of Operation
CORVET - Coordinate Operational Resources for Voice Exploitation Technology
COS - Chief of State
CoS - Chief of Station (CIA)
CP - Combating Proliferation
CPE - Content Preparation Environment; replaced the SOD in 2006 *
CPSA - Cryptographic Protocol Shapes Analyzer
CRATE - Collection Requirements Analysis Tool for the Enterprise
CRD - ? (Abbreviation of a HCS-P classification compartment)*
CRDB - ? (something related to the SSO division)
CREATEMS - Collection Requirements, Evaluations, and Tasking Enterprise Management System
CREST - CIA Records Search Tool
CRI - Content Related Information
CRITIC - Critical Intelligence Communications *
CRN - Collection Requirement Need/Number
CRN - Customer Resource Number
CRONOS - Crisis Response Operations in NATO Operating Systems (NATO SECRET network)
CRSK - ? (internal NSA training course)
CRSMM - [...] SIGINT Mission Management? (part of NSA's NSOC)
CSDE - Cryptologic Direct Support Element
CSDF - Collected Signals Data Format
CSEC - Communications Security Establishment Canada
CSE - Cryptologic Support Element
CSfC - Commercial Solutions for Classified
CSG - Cryptologic Services Group
CSL - Client Service Lead
CSLI - Cell Site Location Information
CSRC - Collection Strategies and Requirements Center
CSS - Central Security Service
CSSG - Communications Systems Support Group
CSSM - Communications Systems Support Manual
CST - Cryptologic Support Team
CT - Counter-Terrorism
CT10 - TAO system that ingests a flow of CNE data, specifically FOXACID logs *
CTA - ? (NSA unit)
CTEA - Computer Technologies Exploitation Applications
CTEGM - Collector Technical ELINT Guidance Manual
CTIC - Counterterrorism Innovation Center
CT MAC - Counter-Terrorism Mission Aligned Cell
CTMMC - Counter-Terrorism Mission Management Center
CTR - Contractor
CTX4000 - Continuous wave radar device that can 'illuminate' a target system for recovery of "off net" information
CUB - Cryptologic Unified Build
CUI - Controlled Unclassified Information
CV - Cryptovariable
CVS - Central Verification System
CW - Continuous Wave radar
CY - Critical Year (of cryptographic algorithms)
CYA - "Cover Your Ass"

DAED - ?
DAG - ?
DCGS - Distributed Common Ground System
DCID - Director of Central Intelligence Directive (will be superceded by ICD)
DCL - Direct Communications Link (the Washington-Moscow Hotline)
DCM - Data Center and Machine Room (at NSA)
DCME - Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment
DCMS - Digital Communications Management System (aboard the EP-3E)
DCO - Defensive Cyper Operations
DDAP - Deputy Director for A & P
DDI - Directorate of Digital Innovation (CIA cyber division)
DDS - Data Distribution Service
DEFSMAC - Defense Special Missile & Astronautics Center (joint NSA and DIA)
DF - Direction-Finding
DFCE - ?
DFS - Directorate for SIGINT (Japan)
DGO - DANCINGOASIS (see Codewords listing)
DGO - DoD GIG (Global Information Grid) Operations
DGS - Distributed Ground Station (in Hawaii, California, Beale, Ramstein, Langley)
DHDS - Deployable HARMONY DOCEX Suite (for on-site access to the HARMONY database)
DIA - Data Integrity Analyst
DIB - DCGS Integration Backbone
DICES - Digital Integrated Communications Electronic System
DIF - Digital Intermediate Frequency (ELINT)
DISA - Defense Information Systems Agency
DISES - Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service
DISL - Defense Intelligence Senior Level
DL - Distribution List
DMCC - Defense Department Mobile Classified Capability
DMUC - Defense Department Mobile Unclassified Capability
DNC - Data Network Cipher
DNI - Director of National Intelligence
DNI - Digital Network Intelligence
DNR - Dial(ed) Number Recognition
DNT - Data Network Technologies (TAO unit)
DNVT - Digital Non-secure Voice Terminal
DO - Directorate of Operations (NSA division since 2016)
DOCID - Document Identification number
DOCPER - DoD Contractor Personnel Office
DoD - Department of Defense of the United States
DOMEX - Document and Media Exploitation
DPD - Deputy Program Director
DPS - ?
DQ - DARKQUEST (See Codewords listing)
DREN - Defense Research and Engineering Network
DRR - Deployment Readiness Review
DSRJ - DoD Special Representative Japan
DRSN - Defense Red Switch Network
DRT - Digital Receiver Technology
DSCA - Development Signals Collection and Analysis
DSCP - Downlink SIGINT Collection Platform
DSCS - Defense Satellite Communications System
DSD - ? (NSA telephony data processing and distribution system)*
DSD - Defence Signals Directorate (Australia)
DSP - Director's Summer Program
DSVT - Digital Secure Voice Terminal (KY-68)
DTA - Data Transfer Agent (NSA personnel allowed to use removable media)
DTCS - Distributed Tactical Communications System
DTD - Data Transfer Device
DTG - Date Time Group
DTL - Defense Telephone Link
DTO - Drug Trafficking Organization
DVL - Direct Voice Link
DVT - Data Viewer Tool
DX - Data Xplorer (analytic tool)

EA - East Africa
EAO - Expeditionary Access Operations (for close access cyber operations)
EAR – Emphatic Access Restriction
EC - EASYCHAIR (see NSA codewords listing)
ECC - Elliptic Curve Cryptography
ECC - European Cryptologic Center (of the NSA in Griesheim, Germany) Succeeded the ESOC in 2011 *
ECDH - Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman
ECI - Exceptionally Controlled Information (SCI control system, replaced VRK around 2004)*
ECP - Effective Collection Priority
ECS - Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (DHS program)
EDP - Emergency Destruction Procedures
EEI - Essential Element of Information
EGGI - EGOTISTICALGIRAFFE (see Codewords listing)
EGGO - EGOTISTICALGOAT (see Codewords listing)
EGL - MOONLIGHTPATH? (see Codewords listing)
EGRAM - ? (reporting format)
EIN - ?
EITC - E..... Information Technology Center
EKB - ?
EKMS - Electronic Key Management System
EKS - Extended Knowledge System (NSA broad infrastructure upgrade)
ELCC - Enhanced Low Capacity COMINT
ELINT - Electronic intelligence
ELNOT - ELINT Notation
EMARSS - Enhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance Surveillance System
EMCON - Emission Control
EMOD - ELINT Modernization
EOB - Electronic Order of Battle
EPIC - El Paso Intelligence Center
EPL - ELINT Parameter Limits
ERB - ?
ERF - Engineering Research Facility (of the FBI in Quantico)
ERIN - ERRONEOUSINGENUITY (see Codewords listing)
ERS - Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadrons
ESC - European Security Center (started in 2004 and in 2006 renamed into ESOC) *
ESECS - Extended Shared Enterprise Corporate Server
ESO - Exploitation Solutions Office
ESOC - European Security Operations Center (in Griesheim near Darmstadt, Germany; in 2011 turned into the ECC) *
ESSO - Expeditionary SIGINT Services Office
ETC - European Technical Center (of NSA in Wiesbaden, Germany)
ETS - Engineering and Technical Services (part of SSO)
eViTAP - Enchanced Video Text and Audio Processing
EW - Electronic Warfare
EWC - Enhanced WEALTHYCLUSTER (see codewords listing)
EWIRDB - Electronic Warfare Integrated Reporgramming Database
EXDIS - Exclusive Distribution (State Department dissemination marking)

F3EAD - Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze and Disseminate
FA - FOXACID? (Computer Network Exploitation technique)
FAA - FISA Amendments Act (2008)
FAD - Foreign Affairs Division (of NSA)
FAL - Foreign Affairs Link
FC - FASHIONCLEFT (see Codewords listing)
FGI - Foreign Government Information
FGS - The Signals Directorate at NSA's field office in Georgia?
FH - FALLOWHAUNT (See Codewords listing)
FI - Foreign Intelligence
FIDI - FINKDIFFERENT (see Codewords listing)
FinCEN - Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (Treasury Department)
FIOC - Fleet Information Operation Center
FIORC - Five Eyes Intelligence Oversight and Review Council
FIPP - Fair Information Practice Principle
FIR - First Instance Reporting
FISA - Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (1978)
FISAMS - FISA Management System (FBI)*
FISINT - Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence
FMAC - Flexible Mandatory Access Control (joint NSA-Sun Microsystems project, 2008)
FMM - FLASHHANDLE Mission Manager
FMV - Full Motion Video
FOIP - Fax over Internet Protocol
FORNSAT - Foreign Satellite Collection
FOUO - For Official Use Only (dissemination marking)
FP - Focal Point
FPS - Foreign Partner Strategist (part of SID)
FRD - Formerly Restricted Data (nuclear weapons dissemination marking)
FS - FASTSCOPE (See codewords listing)
FSE - ?
FSPF - First Stage Packet Filter (part of TURMOIL)
FSS - Fixed Satellite Services
FVEY - Five Eyes (USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
FY - Fiscal Year
FYSA - For Your Situational Awareness

GAO - Global Access Operations (an NSA operational branche)
GATC - Geospatial Analysis Tradecraft Center (NSA unit)
GCC - Geographic Combatant Command
GCCS - Global Command and Control System
GCE - Global Collaboration Environment
GCHQ - Government Communications Headquarters (United Kingdom)
GCM - Global Capabilities Manager
GCNI - GENIE Control Network Interface
GCS - Ground Combat Systems
GCSB - Government Communications Security Bureau (New Zealand)
GCSS - Global Combat Support System
GCTF - Global Counter Terrorism Force
GDS - General Declassification Schedule (under EO 11652)
GEOINT - Geospatial Intelligence
GETS - Government Emergency Telecommunications Service
GGCL - Government-to-Government Communications Links
GHFS - Global High Frequency System
GIAP - GIG (Global Information Grid) Information Assurance Portfolio
GIMS - GEOINT Information Management Services
GIRoA - Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
GIS - Geographic Information System
GM - GHOSTMACHINE (see codewords listing)
GMA - Geospatial Metadata Analysis
GMESH - GILGAMESH (see codewords listing)
GMP - Graduate Math Program (of NSA's Research Directorate)
GMTI - Ground Moving Targer Indicato
GNA - Global Network Analyst
GNDA - Global Nuclear Detection Architecture
GNDB - Global Numbering DataBase (also: TAPERLAY)
GNO - Global Network Operations
GOSS - Government Open Source Software
GOTS - Government Off The Shelf
GQ - GISTQEUE (see Codewords listing)
GRAB - Galactic Radiation And Background (cover name of the first US SIGINT satellite, 1960)*
GRIFFIN - Globally Reaching Interconnected Fully Functional Information Network (-2010)
GSK - Ground SIGINT Kit (PRD-14)
GSVS - Global Secure Voice System
GT - GLOBALTIPPER (see codewords listing)
GTE - Global Telecoms Exploitation (GCHQ unit)
GTP - ?
GUIDE - Global Unique IDentifier for Everything
GV - ?
GWT - Google Web Toolkit

HCS - HUMINT Control System (for SCI)
HEAT - ?
HF/DF - High Frequency Direction-Finding
HIC - High-Interest Cargo
HIDRAH - Handheld Integrated Directional Receiver And Homing
HIT - HAMMERMILL Insertion Tool
HLSS - High Level Structure Survey *
HLT - Human Language Technology
HM - HOWLERMONKEY (see Codewords listing)
HMC - Homeland Mission Coordinator
HOA - Horn of Africa
HOT-R - HUMINT Online Tasking & Reporting
HPCC-2 - High Performance Computing Center 2 (at Fort Meade)
HPCP - High Powered Cordless Phone
HPSCI - House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
HQ - HAVE QUICK (see Codewords listing)
HSAC - Homeland Security Analysis Center (NSA unit)
HSOC - Hawaii Security Operations Center
HSIN - Homeland Security Information Network (Unclassiffied)
HULTEC - Hull-to-Emitter Correlation
HUMINT - Human Intelligence
HVCCO - Handle Via COMINT Channels Only
HVI - High Value Individual
HVT - High Value Target

I2 - Identity Intelligence
IA - Information Assurance
IAD - Information Assurance Directorate (of the NSA)
IATS - Improved AG-22 Terminal System (1960's NSA communications system)
IAW - In Accordance With

IC - Intelligence Community IC-I2P - Intelligence Community Information Integration Program
ICD - Intelligence Community Directive (supersedes DCID)
ICDR - (International Call Detail Record?)
ICDS - Intelligence Community Delivery Services
ICF - Implant Control File (.icf)
ICITE - Intelligence Community’s Information Technology Enterprise
ICSIS - Intelligence Community System for Information Sharing (on Intelink)
ICTR - IC On The Record
IDA/CCR - Institute for Defense Analyses-Center for Communications Research (Princeton)
IdAM - Identity and Access Management
IED - Improvised Explosive Device
IEP - Interactive ELINT Processor
IFF - Identify Friend or Foe
IGRAM - Integrate Graphics and Multimedia reports
IIR - Intelligence Information Report
IJSTO - Integrated Joint Special Technical Operations
IKE - Internet Key Exchange
IMCON - Controlled Imagery (classification marking)
IMDR - ?
IMINT - Imagery Intelligence
IMM - Information Media Manager
IM&S - Information Management & Storage
IN - Information Need
INSuRE - Information Security Research and Education
IntRep - Intelligence Report
IO - Intelligence Oversight
IOC - Indicator of Compromise (hacking)
IOC - Information Operations Center (at the CIA)
IOC - Interim Operating Capability
IOC - Initial Operating Capability
IOO - Intelligence Oversight Officer
IPP - IP Processor
IPR - IP Router
IRCC - Integrated overhead space architecture Remote Collection Coordinator
IRP - Interagency Review Panel
IRSIG - Instructions and Regulations concerning the Security of Signals Intelligence
IRTF-2 - Information Review Task Force-2 (investigated the Snowden leaks)
IS - IntelSat
IS - IRONSAND (See Codewords listing)
ISA - Intelligence Support Activity (covert US Army unit)
ISI - Intelligence Source Indicator
ISM - Info-sphere Management System
ISNU - Israeli SIGINT National Unit
ISOO - Information Security Oversight Office
ISR - Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
IST - Integrated Services Telephone (made by Raytheon and Telecore)
IST - Intelligence Synchronization Tool
IT - ISLANDTRANSPORT (see Codewords listing)
ITD - Information Technology Directorate
ITDB - Intercept Tasking Database
IWS - InfoWorkSpace (Five Eyes collaboration tool)

JAC - Joint Analysis Center (NSA-BND unit in Bad Aibling, 1998-2011)* *
JCAT - Joint Cyber Attack Team
JCITA - Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy
JCMA - Joint COMSEC Monitoring Activity
JCMT - Joint Collection Management Tools
JCTD - Joint Capability Technology Demonstration
JDAC2 - Joint All-Domain Command and Control
JDBC - ?
JDFPG - Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap (includes AMGS)
JDTS - Java Data Transport System? (replacement of MAILORDER)
JEMA - Joint Enterprise Modeling and Analytics * component of UDA *
JESI - Joint Executive for SIGINT Interoperability (Five Eyes executive group)
JFCC-NW - Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare
JIACTF - Joint InterAgency Cyber Task Force
JIS - Joint Intelligence Service (incorrect term for Joint Issues Staff)
JIS - Joint Issues Staff (CIA liaison offices in foreign countries)
JMS - ?
JPAS - Joint Personnel Adjudication System
JPEL - Joint Prioritized Effects List
JPM - (Joint Processing center?) MUSCULAR? (see Codewords listing)
JSA - Joint SIGINT Activity (NSA-BND FORNSAT cooperation at the Mangfall Kaserne in Bad Aibling, Germany, 2004-2012)*
JSOC - Joint Special Operations Command
JTF-GNO - Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations
JTRIG - Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (GCHQ unit)
JUG - JUGGERNAUT (see Codewords listing)
JWICS - Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (TS/SCI)

KAST - Knowledge Association Software Toolkit
KCC - ?
KCS - KLONDIKE Control System
KDK - KLONDIKE (see Codewords listing)
KL - KLIEGLIGHT (see Codewords listing)
KMM - Key Management Modeling
KMSG - Key Management Strategy Group (5-Eyes)
KP - Key Processor
KSP - Knowledge System Prototype *

LAC - LACONIC (see Codewords listing)
LAE - Large Access Exploitation
LAS - Laboratory for Analytic Science
LES - Law Enforcement Sensitive (dissemination marking)
LETC - ? (GSM collection system)*
LI - Lawful Intercept
LIMDIS - Limited Distribution (NGA dissemination marking)
LLVI - Low Level Voice Intercept
LNI - Library of National Intelligence
LOS - Line-Of-Sight
LP - Listening Post
LPS - Laboratory for Physical Sciences
LPT - Low Profile TURMOIL
LPT-D - Low Profile TURMOIL - ?
LTS - Laboratory for Telecommunications Science
LYOU - ? (of cryptographic algorithms)

M3 - Multimedia Message Manager
MAC - Mission Aligned Cell (units TAO units)
MAGIC - Multi-domain Administrative Graphical Interface for Cross Domain Intelligence Release
MARSS - Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System
MASINT - Measurement and Signature Intelligence
MATRIX - Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange (2003-2005)
MAUI - Multimedia Access User Interface (NSA graphical interface) *
MC - MERCURY (See codewords listing)
MCB - MORECOWBELL (See codewords listing)
MCT - Multi-Communication Transaction
MDCP - ?
MDFT - Mobile Device Forensic Tools
MDR - Mandatory Declassification Review
MDR-1,2,3 - Mission Data Repository, increments 1, 2 and 3 (NSA data clouds and dataset formats) *
MDV - MetaData Viewer
MEDEX - Media Exploitation
METRICS - Measurement and Evaluation to Record & Improve Consumer Satisfaction
MHS - Menwith Hill Station
MI - Military Intelligence
MIDB - Modernized Integrated Database
MINX - Multimedia Information Network Exchange
MISO - Military Information Support Operations (formerly known as PSYOP)
MISSI - Multi-level Information System Security Initiative
MIT - Mission Infrastructure
MNIS - Multi-National Information Sharing
MOC - Meade Operations Center (NSA unit)
MOIP - Media Over IP
MLP - Multi Line Phone (made by Electrospace)
MLPP - Multi Level Precedence and Preemption
MLTF - Media Leaks Task Force (NSA unit handling the Snowden leaks)
MPM - Mission Program Manager
MPO - Maryland Procurement Office
MR - Manual Review (retired declassification instruction)
MRG - Math Research Group (NSA unit)
MRTS - Mission Related Technical Summary
MSA - Mission Situational Awareness
MSH - ?
MSOC - Misawa Security Operations Center
MSS - Mobile Satellite Services
MT - Machine Translation
MVR - Massive Volume Reduction
MW - MAINWAY (see codewords listing)

NAC - Network Access Control (FBI system)
NAC - Network Analysis Center (NSA unit)
NACSI - National Communications Security Instruction
NACSI - NATO Advisory Committee for Special Intelligence
NAI - Named Areas of Interest
NASP - (a so-called access detail)*
NC2-ESI - Nuclear Command and Control-Extremely Sensitive Information
NCC - Net Centric Capabilities
NCCIC - National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center
NCER - (NSA/CSS European Representative?)
NCEUR/AF - NSA/CSS Europe and Africa (Area of Responsibility)
NCI - National Customer Interface
NCMD - NSA/CSS Maryland
NCND - Neither Confirm Nor Deny
NCR - NSA/CSS Representative (at other agencies and countries)
NCRC - NSA/CSS Records Center
NCSC - NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions Center
NCSMO - National Cryptographic Solutions Management Office
NCTC - National CounterTerrorism Center
NES - National Exploitation System
NGANet - National Geospatial-intelligence Agency Network
NGW - Next-Generation Wireless
NIARL - National Information Assurance Research Laboratory
NIIA - NATO Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Interoperability Architecture
NIE - National Intelligence Estimate
NIE - ? (unit of NSA's Tailored Access Operations?)
NIM - National Intelligence Manager
NIO - National Intelligence Officer
NIP - National Intelligence Program (budget for US intelligence)
NIPF - National Intelligence Priorities Framework
NIPRNet - Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Network (unclassified)
NIS - Norwegian Inteligence Service
NISIRT - NSA/CSS Information Systems Incident Response Team
NIT - Network Investigative Technique (FBI term for hacking tools)
NITB - NATO Intelligence Tool Box
NKB - Network Knowledge Base (NSA database)
NMDC - New Mission Development Center (at Menwith Hill Station)
NMRS - National MASINT Requirements System
NOC - Network Operations Centre
NOC - Non-Official Cover (CIA operatives)
NOC - NTOC Oversight and Compliance (NSA unit)
NODIS - No Distribution (State Department dissemination marking)
NOFORN - No Foreign Nationals (dissemination marking)
NOIWON - National Operations and Intelligence Watch Officer Network
NPW - National Production Workshop
NRTD - Near Real Time Dissemination, formerly BINOCULAR (NSA)
NSA - National Security Agency of the United States
NSA-A - NSA facility near Anchorage, Alaska
NSA-C - NSA Cryptologic Center at Buckley Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado
NSA-G - NSA Cryptologic Center at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia
NSA-H - NSA Cryptologic Center at Wahiawa, Hawaii
NSANet - National Security Agency Network
NSA-T - NSA Cryptologic Center near San Antonio, Texas
NSA-U - NSA facility in Bluffdale, Utah
NSA-W - NSA facilities in the Washington DC-area
NSETS - NSA Set-Aside for Small Business
NSG - Naval Security Group
NSIAPS - National SIGINT Analysis and Production Subcommittee
NSOC - National Security Operations Center
NSP - Network Security Products (NSA unit)
NSPC - National Signals Processing Center
NSRL - National SIGINT Requirements List
NSRP - National SIGINT Requirements Process
NSS - National Security System
NSTS - National Secure Telephone System
NTAT - Network Tradecraft Advancement Team (Five Eyes working group)
NTNG - Near-Time National Gateway (training environment simulating tools and databases from RTRG)
NTO - NSA Transformation Office (NSA unit, around 2000)
NTOC - NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center (since 2004)
NTS - Network Time Security (? some kind of PKI certificate)
NVTC - National Virtual Translation Center
NZLO - New Zealand Liaison Officer (representative at foreign agencies)

OAB - Offline Address Book
OCMC - Overhead Collection Management Center (unit at NSA Colorado)
OCO - Offensive Cyper Operations
OCO - Overseas Contingency Operations
ODD - Operations and Discovery Division (part of SSO)
ODNI - Office of the Director of National Intelligence
ODOC - Office of the Director of Compliance
OEF - Operation Enduring Freedom
OGC - Office of the General Counsel (of the NSA)
OIF - Operation Iraqi Freedom
OIG - Office of the Inspector General (of the NSA)
ONI - Office of Naval Intelligence
ONMR - ?
ONS - Optical Network Switch
OPC - Office of Primary Concern
OPC-SEC - Office of Primary Concern- ? (NSA permission management unit)
OPD-GNE - Office of Primary Concern-Global Network Exploitation
OPELINT - Operational ELINT
OPIR - Overhead Persistent Infrared
OPS - Operations
ORB - Operational Relay Box *
ORCON - Originator Controlled (dissemination marking)
OSCAR-MS - Open Source Collection Acquisition Requirements Management System
OSINT - Open-Source Intelligence
OSIS - ?
OTAR - Over the Air Rekeying
OTP - Office of Target Pursuit (NSA unit)
OTP - One-Time Pad
OTRAS - (a so-called access detail)*
OTRS - Office of Target Reconaissance and Survey (of the NSA)
OVSC - Oversight & Compliance (? internal NSA training course)

P2 - Tactical military units
P3 - Military assigned at NSA
PAA - Protect America Act (2007)
PAC - Positive Access Control (cryptographic technique)
PAGS - PREAMBLE Address Groups
PAKI - ? (Database for ID numbers?)
PAN - Palladium At Night (satellite)
PATT - Persona Analysis and Tracking Techniques
PBAC - Policy-based Access Control
PBD - Persistant Backdoor
PC - Principals Committee (of the National Security Council)
PCS - Personal Communications Services, the North American version of GSM
PD - PARCHDUSK (see Codewords listing)
PD - Program Director
PDC - Partnership Dissemination Cell (for sharing with 3rd Party partners)
PDC - Principals’ Deputies Committee (of the National Security Council)
PDDG - Producer Designator Digraph
PDW - Pulse Descriptor Words
PES - ?
PFS - Perfect Forward Secrecy
PG - PACKAGEDGOODS (see codewords listing)
PHIN - Personal Health Information Number
PIQ - PIQARESQUE (see Codewords listing)
PIR - Priority Information Requirement
PKE - Public Key Enabling
PKI - Public Key Infrastructure
PL - Protection Level (1 to 5)
PM - PANGRAM (see Codewords listing)
PMO - Program Management Office
PMR - ?
PNG - Persona Non Grata
PNO - Proactive Network Operation
POC - Point of Contact
PoL - Pattern of Life
PPF - Packet Processing Framework (part of TURMOIL stage 1)
PPSL - Predator Primary Satellite Link
PQC - Post-Quantum Cryptography
PR - ? *
PREMS - Preliminary Mission Summary Reports
PRISM - Planning tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management
PRISM - Portal for Real-time Information Sharing and Management
PRIVAC - Privileged Access * *
PROPIN - Proprietary Information Involved (dissemination marking)
PR/TT - Pen Register/Trap & Trace (NSA e-mail metadata collection)
PSA - ? (SCS technical support unit in Bangkok)
PSC - Persona Session Collection
PSD - Power Spectral Density (ELINT)
PSP - Personal Security Products (NSA term for security software)
PSP - President's Surveillance Program (2001-2007)
PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network
PTD - Penetrating Target Defences
PTN - Pacific Tributary Network (UHF satellite communications)
PUPR - ?
PW - PINWALE (See Codewords listing)
PWv - (PINWALE viewer)?
PWV - PRESSUREWAVE (see codewords listing)

Q - (security clearance for access to Restricted Data, the classification for US nuclear secrets)
QC - Quantum Computing
QFD - Question Focused Dataset *
QI - QUANTUMINSERT (see Codewords listing)
QIA - Questionable Intelligence Activity
QRC - Quick Reaction Capability
QT - QUANTUMTHEORY (see Codewords listing)

RAdAC - Risk-Adaptive Access Control
RAM - RAMPART (see codewords listing)
RAS - Reasonable Articulatable Suspicion
RASIN - Radio-Signal Notation (10-volume NSA manual)
RAT – Remote Access Trojan
RBAC - Role-based Access Control
RCF - Remote Collection Facility
RD - Restricted Data (nuclear weapons dissemination marking)
RDF - ? (TAO database) *
RDV - REDHARVEST (see codewords listing)
RELIDO - Releasable by Information Disclosure Official
REL TO - Authorized for Release to [country code]
RESC - ? (SCS technical support unit at Croughton air base)
REST - Representational State Transfer
REX - Radio Exploitation
RFA - Request for Assistance
RFI - Request for Information
RFIS - Russian Federal Intelligence Services
RFTO - Radio Frequency Targeted Operations (NSA unit)
RGT - RAGTIME (see Codewords listing)
RHIN - Refugee Health Information Number
RIGHT-MS - Requirements Integration for Global HUMINT Tasking Management System
RMS - Requirements Management System
ROC - Remote Operations Center (at the NSA)
ROF - Remote Operating Facility (at the NSA)
ROME - Reconnaissance Operations Management for the Enterprise
ROPI - Responsible Office of Primary Interest
ROW - Rest of the World
RPM - ?
RRFS - Radio Research Field Station
RRU - Radio Research Unit
RSA - Rivest, Shamir, Adleman (an algorithm for public-key cryptography)
RSBN - (Russian short-range air navigation system)* *
RSEN - Risk Sensitive (dissemination marking)
RSOC - Regional SIGINT Operations Center (renamed into Cryptologic Center)
RSSC - Regional SIGINT Support Center
RSV - RESERVE (see Codewords listing)
R&T - Requirements & Targeting (or Tasking?)
RT - Regional Target
RT10 - Real Time 10
RTA - Request for Technical Assistance
RTPP - ?
RT-RG - Real Time-Regional Gateway (data processing and analysis tool)

S - Secret (classification level)
SA - System Administrator
SAB - SIGINT Address Book (contains a full record of active SIGADs and PDDGs)
SABI - Secret and Below Interoperability
SAD - Speech Activity Detection
SAMI - Sources and Methods Information (classification marking)
SAP - Special Access Program
SAPCO - Special Access Program Central Office
SAPF - Special Access Program Facility
SAR - Special Access Required (SAP compartment marking)
SARC - SIGINT Automation Research Center (NSA unit late 1990s)
SARK - SAVILLE Advanced Remote Keying
SAS - Site Access System (front-end collection equipment)
SATC - Scalable Analytics Tradecraft Center (NSA unit)
SAUSLO - Special Australia Liaison Officer (Australian representative at NSA)
SBU - Sensitive But Unclassified (State Department dissemination marking)
SBZ - STRAI(GH)TBIZARRE (See codewords listing)
SC - Secret Codeword (i.e. SPOKE, now retired)
SCALO - Special Canada Liaison Officer (Canadian representative at NSA)
SCAMP - Summer Conference on Applied Mathematical Problems
SCC - Service Cryptologic Component
SCI - Sensitive Compartmented Information
SCID - ?
SCIF - Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCION - Sensitive Compartmented Information Operational Network (FBI network)
SCIP - Secure Communication Interoperability Protocol
SCOI - Secure Communities Of Interest
SCRM - Supply Chain Risk Management *
SCS - Special Collection Service (joint NSA-CIA unit)
SCT - Single Communication Transaction
SCX - Secret Codeword (i.e. MORAY, now retired)
SD - SIGINT Development
SDB3 - SIGINT Database 3
SDC - SIGDEV Conference
SDF - SIGINT Development Forum
SDR - Software Defined Radio
SDS - Satellite Data System
SDS - SIGINT Development Support (part of Booz Allen Hamilton)
SED - Signal External Data (format)
SEDB - SIGINT Emitter Database, or Discovery Base
SEE - SENTRY EAGLE (ECI umbrella program)
SEG - Stateful Event Generator
SEI - Specific Emitter Indentification (ELINT)
SEPI - ?
SEVAL - Senior Evaluator (aboard the EP-3E)
SF2 - SHARPFOCUS2 (see Codewords listing)
SFC - SIGINT Forensics Center (NSA unit)
SFL - ?
SGA - SIGINT Geospatial Analysis/Analyst
SH - SURPLUSHANGAR (see codewords listing)
SHADE - Shared Data Environments
SI - Special Intelligence (SCI control system)
SID - Signals Intelligence Directorate (of the NSA)
SIDB - SIGINT Internal Database
SIE - Secure Information Exchange
SIGAD - SIGINT Activity Designator
SIGCOM - SIGINT Committee *
SIGDASYS - Signals Intelligence Data System
SIGDEV - SIGINT Development
SIGINT - Signals Intelligence
SIGNAV - SIGINT Navigator (interface tool for MAINWAY?)
SIMAS - Security Incident Management Analysis System (Bureau of Diplomatic Security)
SINCGARS - Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
SINIO - Signals Intelligence NIO
SIOP-ESI - Single Integrated Operational Plan-Extremely Sensitive Information
SIP2 - Scalable Internet Protocol Package
SIPRNet - Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (Secret)
SIRE - SIGINT Requirement
SIRVES - SIGINT Requirements Validation and Evaluation Subcommittee (of SIGCOM)*
SISECT - SIGINT Seniors Europe (SSEUR) Counter Terrorism coalition *
SKS - Structured Knowledge Space (report and document manager)
SLO - Special Liaison Officer
SLR - Single-Line Record (data format)
SLTA - Senior Language technoglogy Authority
SMAC - Sensitive Metadata Analytic Collaboration (since 2006)
SME - Subject Matter Expert
SME-PED - Secure Mobile Environment-Portable Electronic Device
SMG - Sessionized Metadata Generator
SMI - System Management Interface
SMK - SMOKYSINK (see codewords listing)
SMM - SIGINT Mission Management
SMO - Support to Military Operations
SMTL - Senior Mission Technical Lead
SNA - Social Networking Analysis
SNACKS - Social Network Analysis Collaboration Knowledge Services
SNCP - Special Navy Control Program (SCI control system)
SNRC - Service Node Routing Complex (AT&T internet hubs)
SNZLO - Special New Zealand Liaison Officer (representative at NSA)
SOD - ? (NSA reporting tool, in 2006 replaced by the CPE)
SOI - Signals Operation Instructions
SOLIS - SIGINT On-Line Information System (NSA product database, part of the COINS network, 1972-?)*
SOO - Senior Operations Officer (at NSA's National Security Operations Center)
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
SORC - Special Operations Readiness Cells (of the NSA)
SOTF - Streaming Object Transfer Format (NSA mission data format for internet traffic)
SPF - Staff Processing Form (NSA approval form)
SPN - SPINNERET (see Codewords listing)
SPCMA - Supplemental Procedures governing Communications Metadata Analysis *
SPECAT - Special Category (DoD dissemination marking)
SPMA - ?
SPoC – Single Point of Contact
SQ - SHAREDQUEST (See Codewords listing)
SRA - SRA International, Inc?
SR - ?
SR-71 - Spy plane
SRI - Signal Related Information
SRO - Sensitive reconnaissance Operations
SRTD - Signals Research and Targeting Development
SSA - Special Support Activity
SSBI - Single Scope Background Investigation
SSCD - SIGINT Support to Cyber Defense (multilateral cyber defense initiative)
SSCI - Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
SSCT - Special Security Communications Team
SSDM - ?
SSE - Sensitive Site Exploitation
SSEUR - SIGINT Seniors Europe
SSG - SIGDEV Strategy and Governance (NSA unit)
SSG-TK - Signal Scenario Generation Toolkit (SIGINT training system)
SSI - Sensitive Security Information (dissemination marking)
SSO - Special Source Operations (NSA operational branche)
SSP - Special Signal Processor
SSPAC - SIGINT Seniors Pacific
SSR - Source System of Record
SSVE - ? (requirements database/system?)
STA - Semantic Traffic Analyzer (made by Narus)
STDP - ?
STE - Secure Terminal Equipment
STEP - Smart Target Enhancement Program *
STG - SIGINT Terminal Guidance
STK - SIM Toolkit
STLW - STELLARWIND (see Codewords listing)
STO - Special Technical Operation (access control system)
STRUM - Standard Technical Report Using Modules
STT - Speech-To-Text
STU - Secure Telephone Unit (generations I, II and III)
STUN - ?
SUKLO - Special UK Liaison Officer (GCHQ representative at NSA)
SUSLA - Special US Liaison Advisor (NSA representative at 2nd Party agencies)
SUSLA - Special US Liaison Activity (office staff of a SUSLA)
SUSLO - Special US Liaison Officer (NSA representative at 3rd Party agencies)
SV - NSA's Oversight and Compliance office
SVoIP - Secure Voice over Internet Protocol
SWA - Secure Working Area
SWO - ?
SWX - ?
SZ - SILVERZEPHYR (see codewords listing)

T3C - Target Technology Trends Center (NSA unit)
TAC - Target Analysis Center (NSA unit)
TAC - Tripwire Analytic Capability
TAO - Tailored Access Operations (NSA operational branche)
TAPO - Trusted Access Program Office (NSA IAD unit)
TAREX - Target Exploitation
TAU - Telephone Analysis Unit (of the FBI, created after 9/11, succeeded by CAU in late 2002)
TCS - TALENT Control System
TCSN - Transnational Criminal Syndicates and Networks
TCTF - Tipping and Cueing Task Force (a 5-Eyes effort to provide real-time alerts of events of interest)
TD - Technical Directorate (of the NSA)
TDF - Trusted Data Format
TDI - ? (Canadian version of DNI data?)
TDY - Temporary Duty
TEC - Technical Exploitation Center
TECHINT - Technical intelligence
TeDi - Territorial Dispute (NSA counterintelligence program)
TELCON - Telephone Conversation
TELINT - Telemetry Intelligence (replaced by FISINT and PROFORMA) *
TEXTA - Technical Extracts of Traffic Analysis
TEYE - Three Eyes (US, UK, Australia)
TF - Task Force
TFNI - Transclassified Foreign Nuclear Information
TIC - Trusted Internet Connection
TICOM - Target Intelligence COMmittee (after World War II)
TIDE - Terrorism Identities Datamart Environment (classified)
TIR - Tactical Interrogation Report
TISO - Telecommunications Information Systems Officer
TK - TALENT KEYHOLE (see Codewords listing)
TKB - Target Knowledge Base (database of individual targets)
TLN - Twisty Lobby Number
TLP - Traffic Light Protocol (for cybersecurity information sharing)
TM - THIEVING MAGPIE (see codewords listing)
TM - TREASUREMAP (see codewords listing)
TMAC - Travel and Mobility Analysis Center (NSA unit)
TML - TURMOIL (see codewords listing)
TMO - ?
TND - Target Number Database (for telephone selectors)
TOC - Tactical Operations Center
TOPI - Target Office of Primary Interest *
TORS - Transitional Overhead Persistent Infrared Requirements System
TP - TITANPOINTE (See codewords listing)
TPA - Two-Person Access
TPCS - Team Portable Collection System
TPED - Tasking, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination
TRACFIN - NSA database for financial data like credit card purchases *
TRASHINT - Intelligence from items found in trashcans and dumpsters
TRAX - Text Retrieval Analysis and Exploitation
TRDF - ? (software tool to prepare reports?)
TS - Top Secret (classification level)
TSA - Two-Stage Authentication
TSABI - Top Secret and Below Interoperability
TSC - Top Secret Codeword (i.e. UMBRA)
TS/C - Top Secret Codeword (i.e. SPOKE, now retired)
T-SCIF - Tactical SCIF
TSCW - Top Secret CodeWord
TSDB - Terrorist Screening DataBase (unclassified)
TSDF - Tactical SIGINT Data Format
TSE - Tactical Site Exploitation
TSEC - Telecommunications Security
TSG - Telephone Security Group
TSP - Terrorist Surveillance Program
TSPMO - Technical Support Program Management Office
TSPO - Tactical SIGINT Programs Office
TSR - Top Secret RUFF (see US Classification System)
TS/SCI IP Data - New designation for the secure JWICS network
TST - Time-Sensitive Target
TSU - Top Secret UMBRA
TU - TURBULENCE (see Codewords listing)
TU - TURMOIL (see Codewords listing)
TUMS - Table Update and Management System
TurQI - Turnabout Query Interface
TW - ?

U - Unclassified
U-2 - Spy plane
UBL - Usama Bin Laden
UDA - User-Driven Analytics *
UDC - Utah Data Center *
UIS - User Integrated Services (NSA tool)*
UKTF - United Kingdom Task Force (Afghanistan)
UKUSA - United Kingdom-United States of America Agreement
UMD - ?
UNCL - Unclassified
URLC - Utah Regional Language Center, opened in 2006 * *
USAF - USA Freedom act (2013)
USATSS - US Army Technical Support Squadron
USCS - United States Cryptologic System
USIB - United States Intelligence Board
USIGS - United States Imagery and Geospatial Information System
USP - United States Person
USPI - United States Person Information
USSID - United States Signals Intelligence Directive
USSS - United States SIGINT System
USTO - (DEA program for bulk collection of US-to-foreign phone call records (1992-2013)) *
UTT - Unified Targeting Tool (NSA tasking tool, succeeded OCTAVE in 2011)
UUID - Universally Unique IDentifier

VEO - Violent Extremist Organization
VEP - Vulnerabilities Equities Process
VoSIP - Voice over Secure Internet Protocol
vPCS - virtual Passive Collection Suite * *
VRK - Very Restricted Knowledge (SCI control system, replaced by ECI before 2004)*
VSAT - Very Small Aperture Terminal

WAMI - Wide Area Motion Imagery
WARP - Web based Access Retrieval Portal
WC2 - WEALTHYCLUSTER 2 (see codewords listing)
WDM - ?
WDR - Weekly Dissemination Report
WHCA - White House Communications Agency
WIDOW - Web based Infrared Data for Ops and War-fighters
WISE - Web Intelligence Search Engine
WFT - Web Fish Tools
WHSSS - White House Situation Support Staff
WP - WARRIORPRIDE (see Codewords listing)
WPG - WHIPGENIE (see Codewords listing)
WPMO - Wireless Portfolio Management Office (NSA unit)
WT - Work Task
WVT - Waveform Viewer Tool

XGDS - ?
XKS - XKEYSCORE (see Codewords listing)

YRS - Yakima Research Station (est. 1974, sigad: USF-787)*


Communications Security abbreviations

C2E - Commercial Cloud Enterprise
C2S - Commercial Cloud Services
CDS - Cross Domain Solution

DODIIS - DTE - Desktop Environment
DTW - DoDIIS Trusted Workstation (replaced by SABER)

HCI - Hybrid Compute Initiative

IC DTE - Intelligence Community Desktop Environment
IC ITE - Intelligence Community IT Enterprise

JEDI - Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure

MLA - Multi-Level Access

NGD - Next Generation Desktop
NGDE - Next Generation Desktop Environment
NIAP - National Information Assurance Partnership

SABER - Secure Access Baseline for the EnterpRise
SABI - Secret and Below Interoperability

TSABI - Top Secret/SCI and Below Interoperability

UCDSMO - US Unified Cross Domain Services Management Office

- Extensive list of US Military Abbreviations
- List of DISA CPG acronyms
- List of crypto machine designators
- Wikipedia article about the CIA cryptonym
- Wikipedia List of U.S. government and military acronyms


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Thanks a lot for sharing. You have done a brilliant job, and I am really happy I discovered your website.

Priya said...

Nice post

Rob said...

Two acronyms :

SMO - Support to Military Operations

(other meanings depending on context, but Support to Military Operations is a major NSA activity)

YRS - Yakima Research Station

(Official name of the Yakima, Washington state, collection site.)

Anonymous said...

OVSC - based on this and other information, I believe this stands for the [signals intelligence] OVerSight and Compliance training group.

Anonymous said...

According to a CIA release ( was used specifically in relation to East/West Germany operations.

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ELNOT - Emitter Library Notation (NSA definition?)

In Dutch: Meer over het wetsvoorstel voor de Tijdelijke wet cyberoperaties